Monday, 22 April 2013

2002 Toyota Avalon.

This 2002 Avalon full option.

leather seats.

Alloy wheels.

Power door.

Mileage: 89k

Price: 1.250,000

Call Mr Tony: 07064603556, 08182126248 or 07014749401.
Bb: 2ACB500E.
Thanks and You welcome!!!!


  1. What your last price,can it go for 1.1M,i anticipate your reply..

    1. Sorry that the last for that Car...Thanks for using Eda Autos.

    2. As much as i will love to purchase this car,i have to consider the Mileage,also what the Engine V6 i guess? where is the car located and what the Vin?

    3. I honestly want to purchase this vehicle but what i have right now is 1.1 i might find 50k to add to it?

  2. Sorry this one u re looking @ is sold....But i can something like this if you want it....I will check the market for you....For the price the best price you get the 2002 Model Toyota Avalon is 1.2m to 1.3m depending on the condition of the Car....and it come with a V6 Engine size.

    Thanks for using Eda Autos.

    Mr Tony.

  3. Ok Please let me know if you are able to find any asap, also look into toyota corolla 08? either one of them..

  4. okaaay i will keep u posted....Thanks for using Eda autos.

    Mr Tony.