Sunday, 7 April 2013

2009 Toyota Armored Landcruiser.

The men with great you are, your dream car with 100% security. its the fully loaded................

2009 Toyota Armored Landcruiser.

Registered landcrusier armored to B6level Protection
Armoring level:B6+; 
can withstand bombardments from all sorts of weapons like AK- 47! Pump action m16 sub-machine gun and some explosives like rpg etc
Spectra Shield; roof and floor ballistic protection;

Fully loaded with push to start and reverse camera
Dvd on headrest

Complete with siren/ communication device

Mileage : 8k (hardly used by owner)

Price is 20m.

Call Mr Tony: 07064603556 or 07014749401.
Bb: 2993D937.
Thanks and You welcome!!!!


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