Saturday, 5 October 2013

The 03-07 Toyota Corolla Vs 08-010 Toyota Corolla which is Better and stronger


The Toyota Corolla Product has be rated the Second world cheapest Car to maintain in the world....Good Engine, nice body style and suitable in any kind of road.....Nice one Toyota.

Lets talk....Which of the model will you prefer to use or do you feel that is better ?

Leave your comments on the site link below.


  1. For me i prefer the 2006 model that is the old shape to the 2008 model the new shape. its cheaper to buy and cheaper to maintain. Good work Tony

  2. Thanks For Using Eda Autos.....More comment coming before i make my own professional decision on my own choice.

  3. I prefer the 2008 model,cos of d built,and it's more modern.